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Standard Lessons

The most popular way to learn to drive is to have lessons on a weekly basis.The amount of lessons you will need differs for each individual, and you will learn at the correct pace for you. Lessons are available in 1, 1 ½ and 2 hour slots. If you want to have more than one lesson a week that is fine, as it will increase your time on the road and accelerate your learning, and the longer each lesson is will give you more on-the-road experience.
Refresher lessons can be useful for people of all ages to:
Intensive courses are a quick way to learn to drive, however this depends on how fast each individual learns, therefore Scott’s doesn’t have a set amount of hours or price. Our courses are tailor-made for each individual so you aren’t paying for more lessons than you need, or you are able to take more lessons to get you up to test standard.
Been avoiding going on motorways for years? Just passed your test? Got a new job in a new city? Going off to university? Whatever the reason, taking motorway lessons is a great way to gain confidence and have the reassurance that the first time you go on a motorway you will have a qualified driving instructor sat next to you in a dual controlled car (or your own car if you would prefer) to teach you the correct way to drive on a motorway, as motorway driving requires a different set of skills to driving on normal roads. You will learn how to use slip roads on and off the motorway, judge yours and other vehicles speed and distance, read the road signs and understand them, and learn the safety procedures in case of emergency or breakdown.
Just passed your test? Want to become an even better driver? And want money off your car insurance? Pass Plus is a 6 module scheme designed to help newly qualified drivers gain experience in things they may not have covered in their lessons, such as motorway driving, and improve their general driving skills and understanding of the road. Unfortunately statistics show that newly qualified drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their test due to their lack of experience.The 6 Pass Plus modules are:
Before you start you first lesson, you must have either a signed provisional licence or a photo card licence. This must be presented to the driving instructor on your 1st lesson or the lesson will be cancelled.
To drive legally on the roads you must be able to read a vehicle registration plate from a distance of 20 metres. You must be able to do this with or without visual aid.
Your instructor will ask you to read a registration plate at the beginning of your first lesson. If you are unable to read the registration plate, you are not legally allowed to drive on the road and the lesson will not be able to take place until you have had your vision corrected
If you are on any type of medication please check with you doctor that you're allowed to drive.
We advise you to wear comfortable, flat shoes to get used to the pedals and you can also wear sunglasses.
There is no test to be taken – your instructor will assess you throughout the course. When you have completed the course you will receive a certificate which you can show to participating insurance companies to gain discounts on your insurance.

Refresher Lessons

Intensive Lessons

Motorway Lessons

Pass Plus





  • Regain confidence
  • Improve driving performance
  • Not driven for a while
  • Brush up on changes on the road
  • In town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Night driving
  • Rural road driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

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