Looking to start your driving lessons in Nottingham? Look no further – welcome to Scott’s Driving School.

My name is Scott and I’ve been a driving instructor in Nottingham for over 22 years. I have helped many people, from many diverse backgrounds, pass their driving test, and open up new opportunities in their lives.

Choosing Scott to be your driving instructor in Nottingham means you’ll be getting an instructor who is enthusiastic, passionate, and driven (pun intended) to help you learn a new life skill. You’ll be getting an instructor who knows the roads of Nottingham extremely well – I have lived here all my life. This will give you that advantage you may need in understanding those ‘quirky’ road layouts that may catch you out. I have 20 years of experience in the industry, so I’ve seen a thing or two which many others may not have experienced. The car you’ll learn to drive in will be a new car, with all new modern safety features to keep us safe. But something I pride myself on is my excellent first-time pass rate, due to the fact I make sure my candidates are ready for their driving test before putting them in for it. You’ll receive free theory training alongside your practical driving lessons. Your driving lessons in Nottingham will be on a one to one basis, so no car sharing with other candidates.

If you are a parent looking for driving lessons in Nottingham for your child, you can rest assured they will be learning with a fully CRB checked driving instructor.

Now that you’ve decided to start your driving lessons in Nottingham, here are some tips to help you achieve that goal and get the best from your driving lessons:

Be committed – the most successful candidates are the ones that have regular lessons, week in, week out, so make sure you endeavor to have your lesson each and every week!

Be financially committed- make sure you are in it for the long haul, and you can afford to pay for lessons until you pass. Obviously things can happen unexpectedly that take our spare money, but try not to take breaks as these will set you back and will inevitably mean you will take longer to pass (which will cost you more money!) in the long run! After all, driving doesn’t get any cheaper once you’ve passed!

How long will it take? The answer, as long as it takes! It doesn’t matter how many lessons your friends or family say they took. One of the main reasons I became a driving instructor was to meet different people from different backgrounds. We are all different and learn at different speeds. This means different techniques and styles of teaching/coaching are needed to help each individual achieve their goal….to become a safe and competent driver. I don’t teach to ‘get you through the driving test’; I teach to help you become a safe driver for the rest of your life.

Do your homework- a large part of learning to drive is the knowledge and understanding of the theory side of driving. Many people fall short on this part of learning to drive and think that turning up for a practical driving lesson will be sufficient enough to pass; this is wrong. You can speed up your learning to drive the process by doing as much theory practice at home in your spare time as possible, and start doing this as soon as possible. When you first start your driving tuition in Nottingham, you are likely to be at your weakest in understanding what you are doing, so now is the time to get cracking with that theory! After all, there is a theory test to pass as well, so there is no point in not doing it. If passing your driving test sooner rather than later is important to you, then do as much homework as possible. You are the one who is going to benefit from this the most!

And remember that this is a partnership between me and you, the candidate, so get involved in the lessons, talk to your instructor, voice your ideas, voice your thoughts – this is the best way to help your instructor understand your way of thinking towards learning. Bring ideas to the lessons – if there is something you particularly want to practice then say so, and if your current learning standard suits that subject then we can go and do it!!

Now you’ve got a taste of what’s expected when taking driving lessons in Nottingham, and now you’ve come to the best driving school in Nottingham, let’s get you booked in and on the road!! See you soon!

Why choose Scott’s

  • Over 22 years in the industry
  • A High first-time pass rate
  • One to one tuition
  • Highest grade instructor
  • Fully Qualified Instructor
  • Patient & reliable
  • Free theory training
  • Pick up from your choice of location
  • Professional & honest tuition
  • Gift Vouchers available
  • Block bookings