I hadn’t driven since my first 10 lessons with a different instructor back when I was 17 (now 21) and was rather nervous to get back on the road. After my fist lesson with Scott I was confident that I was in good hands with an experienced instructor. Scott’s teaching style is assertive and reassuring and he really teaches you how to drive safely, not just to pass your test which I feel sets him apart from others. Scott quickly identified the areas of my driving that needed improvement or where I wasn’t confident (hills!) and worked at it with me until it became second nature. Because of Scott’s great teaching (in a relatively short period of time) I was able to pass my test first time with barely any minors and now feel very confident driving independently. I would also recommend everyone to do at least one motorway lesson with Scott after you pass as this helped me a great deal with my fear of motorways! All in all, Scott is a great driving instructor and you’d be daft not to learn with him. 5 Stars. Thanks Scott!