Im not sure where to begin when it comes to praising Scott for his continuous dedication towards his job and pupils and I cannot possibly write down each example of the countless times he helped me, not only with driving but with my own personal problems when it started having a negative impact on my lessons.

I started in February 2019 whilst 6 months pregnant and it was emotional to say the least????. With hormones running high Scott never once judged me or made me feel unable to do the task at hand, he always encouraged me and made sure I knew I could do it and would succeed eventually.

I struggle a lot with constructive criticism and immediately believe Im not good enough and feel like I’m failing at everything. Whenever I felt this way Scott would often get me to stop driving, pull up and talk about whats bothering me and why I feel the way I do to fully understand how he could help me and then see how he could change his teaching approach to make sure I was being taught in the best possible way for me.

Once I had had my little boy in May thats when lessons progressed and my confidence grew which enable me to come out of my shell a little more making driving seem less scary. From then on He worked on every aspect of driving, never missed out the small stuff, made sure I understood road layouts, roundabouts and especially for me crossroads with and without filter boxes as those really tested me????.

Towards my test date he would ask me if I felt we needed to focus on certain areas to build my confidence even more to make sure I felt safe and confident in all areas of driving. It really has been a great journey with Scott, he and I have both shared stories of upset but mostly laughter about life and the world, and I would recommend him to anyone. Such a kind hearted gentleman. Will miss you! Thanks for everything ☺️(sorry for the longest review in facebook history)